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Why I Recommend AirbladeUAVs’ Intrepid V2 5″ Frame

For starters I am Canadian and this frame was developed and designed right here in the heart of Vancouver Canada! If that isn’t awesome in itself I don’t know what is.

The beautiful thing about this frame is the lightweight design you can get on this 5″ build. Features like using a micro fpv cam instead of full-size can save you weight on this build. I can’t express enough that everything on this frame as a place and you won’t find yourself trying to cram everything into a small form factor wth no room.

Intrepid V2 5″ also supports double stacks at both 30×30 or 20×20. I love this idea so that you can have proper spacing between components without boards touching and shorting each other out. I typically would have the 4in1 ESC and FC stack on the front and then put my VTX with 20×20 mount on the back.

Dedicated 30° HD camera location for your HD recording needs!

This frame was designed for long range in mind. If you love long range than you’ll love surfing the tree tops with this frame. Not to mention the dedicated 3D printed TPU mounts that are available and designed specifically for this frame. Makes mounting antennas a breeze!

AirBlade Intrepid V2 3K Carbon Fiber Frame Kit – 5 inch and 7 inch

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