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JBF4 v2 – Flight Controller

While I like the CLRacing F4S FC for my main rigs, there has been some added love for Joshua Bardwell the declared “FPVKNOWITALL” FC!

This FC is NOT perfect! However it is one of the widely used flight controllers by new people based on the current state of the FPV Community!

This 30×30 mounting board is based on the previous CLRacingF4S board, Joshua Bardwell designed this layout to be more “practical” and “efficient” for new people in the community and he has also written a manual specifically for this board. This board performs well for new people and I still use this board myself in a couple builds I have. The nice thing about this board is the ability to have a single board mount if you use individual ESCs. This version also supports the RDQ 4in1 ESC which I will not support since I do not use 4in1 ESCs for 30×30 mounts. I prefer using individual ESCs for cost measures and they seem to outlast the 4in1 ESCs.

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