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Learn To Fly FPV

First you will need to choose a transmitter (controller) that you will want to use during flying. There are a few entry level transmitters the best one is the one you like the most. I will list 3 of them below and you can choose by ordering the one you want. These transmitters all use the FrSky protocol and have module bays to be able to use TBS Crossfire and others in the future if you choose. This is the setup I run so this is what I will be covering in this article. It is also most widely used for the FPV Community and has the best support in my opinion.

FrSky X-Lite / Pro is a gaming style transmitter which is small and has a sleek feel like an XBOX controller in the palm of your hand. If you are use to video games you may feel comfortable with this transmitter. This transmitter lists anywhere from $150-$200 and is a great entry level transmitter.

Snhobbies -FrSky X-Lite

Taranis Q X7 is my favorite option because of the price. This transmitter is available for less than $150 and has a larger feel in your hands. This is closer to the older transmitters you would see the guys that fly planes use. This model has 6 switches supports up to 16 channels, 60 model memory and more. Honestly if you started with this transmitter you wouldn’t really need to buy another one for a long while. It’s also available in a wide variety of colors I use the green one myself.

Taranis Q X7 – Banggood Link

Taranis X9D Plus is the final option I will include in this article. This is similar to the Q X7 in terms of looks. It comes with a more robust craftsmanship and it can accommodate up to 32 channels. This transmitter has a much higher price than the previous mentioned and usually goes for around the $300 mark.

Taranis X9D Plus – FrSky Rc Link

So once you have your transmitter in hand you will be able to plug it into your PC directly via USB and configure it with a simulator of your choice to start learning how to fly FPV! This is the first step to a steep learning curve but if you are up for the challenges then you will definitely be rewarded! This sport is for adrenaline junkies and people that enjoy extreme sports. When you are flying through the sky you not only feel a rush of freedom you also get a suburb view!

Once you have ordered your radio and you are ready to fly the simulator. Check for the next post on how to start learning the simulator of your choice!