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Spedix ES 30HV – ESC – Individual

At the time of writing this article this is my go to ESC. I haven’t personally had any issues with these and they support BLHeli_S DSHOT600 and they work with any motor I have tried. With price as the main reason I use these you can get them for around $12 USD which makes these a bargain for the price.

When installing these ESC’s I normally put them on the arms and wrap a layer of electrical tape between the carbon and ESC for extra protection. I then wrap the ESC in electrical tape to protect it from water or any outside issue they may have. Thus far I have never blown or had to replace one of these ESCs yet and I have been using these for well over 2 years.

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JBF4 v2 – Flight Controller

While I like the CLRacing F4S FC for my main rigs, there has been some added love for Joshua Bardwell the declared “FPVKNOWITALL” FC!

This FC is NOT perfect! However it is one of the widely used flight controllers by new people based on the current state of the FPV Community!

This 30×30 mounting board is based on the previous CLRacingF4S board, Joshua Bardwell designed this layout to be more “practical” and “efficient” for new people in the community and he has also written a manual specifically for this board. This board performs well for new people and I still use this board myself in a couple builds I have. The nice thing about this board is the ability to have a single board mount if you use individual ESCs. This version also supports the RDQ 4in1 ESC which I will not support since I do not use 4in1 ESCs for 30×30 mounts. I prefer using individual ESCs for cost measures and they seem to outlast the 4in1 ESCs.

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CLRacingF4S – Flight Controller

This is one of the best F4 flight controllers on the market in my opinion. These have been reliable and fairly cheap all in one solution for me as a beginner. Also this is the original board that the JBF4 was based off of. The nice thing about this board is the layout for ease of use for soldering all your components in a clean looking environment. CLRACING_F4S_AIKON_2Download As you can see the ESC wires are clearly marked for individual ESC use. There is a connector for use with a 4in1 ESC as well. If you are going to use the 4in1 ESC you will want to look at the pinout connection before connecting your ESC to it to ensure the proper pins are connected properly. Board orientation is the flag on the CLRacing logo, it’s pointing up so that is the front and you can see the solder pads for CAM, CAM CONTROL, CAM POWER, SAT for ESC Telemetry, SBUS for FrSky which can also be used for CRSF (TBS Crossfire) as an RX the the back of the board has TX1 for the other port for crossfire. Alternatively you can also use the TX4 and RX 4 pads for CRSF however i usually use that for TBS SmartAudio protocol.

CLRacing F4S Manual Link