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Parts of an FPV Drone!

FPV Drone is quite a simple system. In this article we are explaining the components of an FPV RC Drone. This is what is commonly used in racing drones and freestyle drones.

Drone Frame – Usually made out of carbon fiber the drone frame has the durability to sustain crashes without breaking in most circumstances.

Flight Controller – the computer that holds the software for flight control and receives the inputs from the controller / transmitter and translates the outputs to the ESCs and motors.

ESC – Electronic Speed Controllers receive the signal from the flight Controller to tell the motors how to spin as the flight Controller receives inputs from the pilot using the transmitter / controller.

Motors – Spin the propellers and keep you in the air. On drone / quadcopter there are typically 4 or more motors.

Receiver – computer component that sends the inputs to the flight controller from the transmitter / controller.

VTX – Video Transmitter that sends the video signal to the goggles or screens so the pilots can see where they are flying.

Camera – FPV camera is a low latency camera that is used by the VTX to transmit video to the pilots goggles or screen.

These are the 6 parts to an FPV Racing Drone. It is a fairly simple system. Stay tuned for more articles on how to build your first FPV RC Racing Drone!