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Become RPAS Pilot Certified before June 1st 2019!!

So you fly drones or planes in a hobby and you heard the news that anything over 250g you need to complete a basic knowledge test to fly legally in Canada after June 1st?? That is correct and this article is meant to be a guide for you to easily pass the test and become certified. The new terms they are using for drones is called RPAS (Remotely Piloted Air Systems).

Where do I study for this test??

The Government of Canada has setup a pretty detailed page about what the requirements are for the test as a study guide.
This can be found here:

There are 8 sections in the test that includes everything from theory of flight to meterology. Now while this may not be specific to drones this knowledge is required to be able to pilot anything in Canada including a drone.

Additional resources for studying for this test can be found here:
Review Part IX for RPAS.

Once you are confident that you have enough knowledge to pass the test you may pay the $10 fee and get started here:
This link is for the Basic Exam. At the moment you can only obtain this certificate online by completing the test with a passing result. Advanced test can only be obtained once you have completed the online Advanced Exam as well as complete a flight review from an approved flight school. So for these purposes I am covering the Basic Exam in this article so you can be ready to fly in approved zones as a basic operator.

Once you have passed the Basic Exam and wish to register your drone you must pay the $5 fee and register your drone here:

Good luck and happy flying!
Remember to always be responsible when operating a drone or any RPAS!

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